Fallen Angels

Well, I’m nearly there with my latest book, Fallen Angels. I’m up to 104,000 words as of today, and will probably need another 20,000 words to finish off the story. I’ve just got to do one big battle scene at the end. I don’t think that’s giving too much away, as it’s pretty clear right from the first page that there is going to be a monumental battle at the end of the book. Of course, nobody will know until they actually read it which side wins. πŸ˜€

I realised right at the beginning that I would have to write this book from two points of view, in order to be able to tell the story, so the narrative is split between Shiri and one of the fallen angels, Baal, who very quickly establishes himself as a major player in the story. He was an interesting character to create and write, and the more he reveals about himself, the more attached I’m getting to him. 

The other new character in the book is the Necromancer, who is a very enigmatic being that has a lot of well hidden secrets. I can’t want to see how his character develops.

I’ve decided that I’m going to try writing a series about the faye next. I love Laurell K Hamilton’s, Meredith Gentry series, but thought that I’d perhaps like to approach the idea from a different angle. I’ll almost certainly still centre it around the Seelie and Unseelie courts, as they are too fascinating to ignore, but I’d like to try and put a slightly different slant on it. 

Anyway, one thing at a time. I’ve got to get Fallen Angels finished before I get too carried away on anything else.

The other Jenna Grey

I’ve decided that it’s really best just to leave things as they are where the other Jenna Grey is concerned. I have pointed out to  Amazon that there is another author with the name Jenna Grey, and that her book could be easily mistaken for one of mine, and that to all intents and purposes it looks as if we are one and the same person. They won’t even contact the other author to point out the problem, so that we can sort something out between us. The fact that it’s going to confuse the life out of some readers, doesn’t really seem to bother them. 

If you go to the other Jenna’s author page, there are all my books, with hers in the middle, making it look as if she wrote all of my books, and if I go to my author page, it looks as if I wrote hers. If Amazon aren’t willing to do anything to sort it out, then there’s not really much I can do. I can’t contact the other Jenna about it because there are no contact details available. I can only hope that anyone buying one of my books, thinking that it is one of the other Jenna’s doesn’t get the shock of their lives when they see that rather than being a young adult book suitable for all ages, it’s a steamy, sex driven book, with more than its fair share of graphic violence! I do put a warning at the front of all of my books, so hopefully it should prevent anyone reading it that isn’t into very adult books.

Hopefully the other Jenna with notice herself at some point and contact me.

Fallen Angels

As I said in my last post, I’ve started writing the latest Tamarei book, Fallen Angels, and here are a few more details about it for anyone that is interested. It does contain some spoilers, but not too many – just enough to give you some idea of the basic plot.


Now Shiri has become Queen she has free rein to create a new Taiu – a Taiu that’s worth living in. She has destroyed the temples of the dark gods and established more benign worship – allowing any religion as long as it does no harm to others. Deprived of the worship and sacrifice of their devotees that have kept them strong over the millennia, the dark gods soon begin to fade and die.

The dark gods come together in a council of war and decide that the only way they can survive is to take corporeal bodies again, but refuse to settle for mere humans, who are far too fragile for their needs. Fortunately for them, there are a number of nigh on immortal bodies all ready for them to possess: the royal court of Queen Shiri. The benign gods refuse to go along with it and say that they’re happy to settle for human bodies that they can now sustain almost indefinitely using magic. They threaten to side with Shiri and help her against the dark gods.

Unfortunately for Shiri, she has inherited a world that is a total mess; her army is decimated, most of them deserting and taking to the hills to rape, pillage and plunder. The world is ripe for picking for anyone with a large enough army. And the dark gods have it.

 Each god has its own demon race to command, a vast number of super-strong, nigh on invulnerable species, like the Bulbac, who can kill a man with one swipe of his spined-tail, or the Umlook, great power houses of muscle with horns that can spear a man with one thrust. The dark gods amass this vast army of demons and human army deserters in the northern hills of Taiu and are ready to march on the city.

All over the city demons begin to go berserk, attacking willy nilly, and even the members of Shiri’s court that have demon blood in them or are pure demon are affected. Many of the demons who make up the palace guard fall under their control, including Shiri’s protectors and close friends, Braegor, and his brother Jeb, two Tanteros demons. Both try desperately to fight off the malefic influence, but finally succumb and Queen Shiri sees no other option but to imprison them for their own and her safety, swearing that she would find a way to free them again. 

As the demon hordes amass outside the palace, Queen Shiri realises that they can never defeat the dark gods on their own. Many of the demon races are impervious to magic and Shiri’s army are vastly outnumbered. Things are looking very dark for Shiri and those she loves.

Fallen Angels

Well, I managed to get Fortunata, Book Three, The Lord of Misrule, finished and I’ve started on the next Tamarei book. It’s called Fallen Angels and I’m about 30,000 words into it. So far it’s going quite well, I think, and I’m hoping to have it finished in a couple of months. I’m planning to make it a full length novel, somewhere about 130,000 words, but books have minds of their own and who really knows what I’m going to end up with!

All of the usual characters are in it: Shiri, Craig, Nathan and Braegor, as well as Aris and his soon-to-be-wife Sophie. 

Shiri has started her reign as Queen and is making big changes on Taiu, destroying the temples of the dark gods and rebuilding the decaying and poverty stricken capital, Men-nefer. Shiri is finding her new role an impossible challenge, though; her world has suffered terrible hardships and deprivation in the last thousand years under the control of the dark gods: demon hordes still roam the land, terrorising the population, corruption and vice are rife, and it’s for Shiri to put everything right. Her loving husband, Craig, a powerful  warrior-sorcerer in his own right, rules at her side, constantly supporting her, as does her counsellor, Nathan, arguably the most powerful sorcerer that has ever lived. Shiri shares her life, and her bed with them, relying on them to surround her with an almost impenetrable barrier of protection against any that would harm her. But still there are unseen enemies eternally ready to destroy everything she has achieved… and some of them are ready to strike…

Update on Fortunata

Just an update on what I’ve been up to recently (apart from trying to sort out the other Jenna Grey fiasco). I’ve almost finished the third Fortunata book, which was originally going to be called the Hanged Man, but as there isn’t a hanged man in sight, I had to do a quick rethink. I’ve now entitled it ‘Lord of Misrule’, which I’m definitely sticking with! That will be the last Fortunata book, at least for a while, although I might do some more if Cain, Aria and Jason pester me enough!

When that’s finished that I’m going to start on another full length Tamarei book. I’ve already got the plot worked out – well mainly – although I’m throwing myself on the mercy of my friend Richard, who has an imagination rivalled by none, who has promised to help with plot bunnies if I get stuck. I’m hoping to be able to get that finished in about four months, if I give up sleeping and eating, don’t stop to feed the cats and totally ignore my husband and daughter for the duration. πŸ™‚

In the meantime, Blood Rites seems to be going down quite well, and I’m thinking of doing another shortish novel as a follow up. Sophie and Aris make a lovely couple.

Who am I?

I noticed the other day that another author has recently brought out a novel using the author name, Jenna Grey. I wish her well with her book, but I was rather dismayed to see that it was displayed on the page with all of my work, making it look as if it was one of mine. As I bring out books quite frequently, anyone looking at that page would automatically think that it was my latest, only to be disappointed when they saw it was what appears to be a young adult book, and really nothing like the books I write. I’ve already had people asking me why I’ve started writing young adult books and to please go back to writing dark fantasy!

I’ve contacted Amazon and asked them if they would get in touch with the author and suggest that she put a middle initial in or spell her surname the American way, to avoid confusion. I’ve used the name for several years, and readers that enjoy my books know me by that name, so I really can’t change it now. Honestly, I don’t see why I should change my name; that’s not me being precious and stamping my little foot in a fit of pique – I’ve worked so hard over the last few years to get a readership and have put eighteen books and something over a million and a half words up online. I think I’ve earnt the right to use the name Jenna Grey.

Amazon got back to me and said exactly what I expected them to say: Hard cheese, you’ll have to change your name, any author can use any name they want on their site. Fair enough if the two authors are writing in different genres and there’s no chance of a reader buying a book under the impression that it’s written by someone else. The other Jenna’s book has a similar style cover, similar text and the title could easily be mistaken for one of mine. There is really no way of knowing that it’s not one of my books until you start reading and realise that it’s a young adult book and that the style is different. By then you might well have already bought it.

Not only that but when you click on the ‘Author’ link beneath the title of the other Jenna’s book it takes you to a page displaying all of MY books, making it look as if she wrote them all!

I contacted Amazon again pointing this out and they came back with the same reply. Sorry, she can call herself what she likes and if people buy her book thinking that it’s yours hard luck. Surely though, Amazon has a responsibility not to mislead customers?

To begin with Amazon shouldn’t allow an author to take the same name as another author if it’s likely to cause confusion, but inform them that it has already been taken when they publish the book. They certainly shouldn’t put a link on the page of one author linking to the books of another author with the same name, making it appear that they are one and the same person.

I’m going to try and contact the other Jenna and sort this out, because I don’t want her to start getting complaints, returns and bad reviews because people buy her book thinking it’s one of mine. I’m also going to put the Egyptian eye symbol on the front of all of my covers, with a note inside the book and on the book page pointing out that unless the book bears the logo, then the book isn’t one of mine. It’s going to be a hell of a lot of work and I’ll have to republish all of my books, but it seems the only sensible thing to do at the moment.

In the meantime, Worst Fears, by Jenna Grey, isn’t one of mine!

Blood Rites

Just to let everyone know that I’ve just brought out another shortish Tamarei novel entitled ‘Blood Rites’ and it is available to buy on Amazon as of the 9th January 2015. Unfortunately, because of an exclusivity deal with Amazon, at present it won’t be available at other ebook outlets – which means it is only available in Kindle format. If anyone would like a copy as either a pdf or epub file so that they can read it on other devices, please just email me at admin@jennagrey.co.uk and I’ll be happy to supply it to you in another format.

Although it is definitely part of the Tamarei series, Blood Rites it introduces us to a new character in the series: Sophie, a twenty year old archaeology student, who seems to be experiencing more than her fair share of troubles. The book is written from her point of view and paves the way for more books with her as the central character at some time in the future.

Readers who are familiar with the Tamarei series will meet a couple of familiar characters in the book – Aris – who has a very major part to play in Sophie’s life, and Nathan, who makes a cameo appearance in it. I’ve set a page up for it on the site, so if you want to you can check it out. I do hope that Aris fans will enjoy seeing him get into and out or even more trouble than usual, and find it an enjoyable read.

Just as an aside, I am just finishing the third in the Fortunata series, The Hanged Man but as soon as that is finished I will be writing another full length Tamarei novel, featuring all of the old characters.

Fortunata, Book Two, Deus Ex Machina


Book Two of the Fortunata series, Deus Ex Machina is now available at all leading ebook retailers, and will eventually be out in paperback. Yes, it is a different title; it was originally going to be entitled The Hanged man, but I realised halfway through that I wasn’t going to be able to get to that part of the story in the second volume and needed to take desperate measures to sort the mess out.

It never ceases to amaze me how characters refuse to do what the writer tells them and meander off on their own merry way, despite our best protestations. New characters introduce themselves unexpectedly and completely throw, not just a spanner, but a whole tool box in the works.

In the second book, poor Jason has a very tough time of it, captured and tortured by a very nasty new villain and having serious problems in his relationship with Cain; Aria meets someone from her past that she really never imagined she would see again, and Cain has to try, against all odds to keep the two people he loves safe in a nightmare world that even he doesn’t understand.

The title Deus Ex Machina is a bit of an odd title, I suppose, but it fits the plot perfectly. The Original Ancient Greek term for it is Apo mekhanes theos (apΓ² mΔ“khanαΈ—s theΓ³s) Literally means ‘a god from the machine’.

Back in ancient Greece, if a playwright painted himself into a corner with a plot, he would come up with some fantastical coincidence or ploy to get the hero or heroine out of trouble. Sometimes they were so ridiculous they were farcical, like a crane lowering a god onto the stage to save the day. Deus ex machina is the Latin form. Cain, Jason and Aria, find their own god from the machine – and readers of the Tamarei series will recognise this particular ‘god’ immediately.

I hope you enjoy it, anyway.

I’m already about half way through Book Three, and it’s shaping up nicely. I’m hoping it will be finished in about two months. This might well be called the The Hanged Man, but… πŸ™‚

Fortunata: Book Two, The Hanged Man

I’m halfway through The Hanged Man., the second book in the Fortunata series and it’s finally coming together. There are lots of new characters in it, and some old faces that probably shouldn’t be there, including a surprise visit from a character from the Tamarei series. πŸ™‚

Here’s the Foreword of Book Two.

In ancient times, there were people who believed that the destiny of every man and woman on earth was governed by the Three Fates, Clotho, who spun the thread of a person’s life, Lachesis who measured its length and Atropos who finally cut it. Three days after a person’s birth, these individuals apportioned to them their lot in life, and no-one, not even the gods themselves, could go against their decree.

But that was back then. These days the Fates have gone corporate: Fortunata, an organisation that seeks out the most talented amongst mankind and shapes their destiny, helping them to fulfil their potential and benefit the rest of humanity. The problem is that two of the CEOs, Lydia and Hector Flint have decided that they don’t like the way that things are being run these days, and are playing by their own rules. Their former partner, Cain, has other ideas and when he finds out that Lydia and Hector are planning to systematically murder the people they are supposed to be helping, he takes matters into his own hands.

Aria Swift, and Jason Sabatini are on the Flints’ hit list – two innocents who have no idea why Fortunata wants to kill them. They have never met, are not even aware of the other’s existence, but their fates have been inextricably bound together, since October 6th 2008, when both of their lives changed forever. October 6th 2008 – the day that Jason’s mother was killed in a freak electrical accident, and Aria’s father was taken from her in a car crash.

It was a day that was never meant to happen.

When Aria and Jason narrowly escape death, Cain realises that the only way he can protect them is to take them into hiding. Unfortunately, the safe house isn’t quite as safe as he’d hoped and the three of them are forced to flee for their lives, only to emerge and find themselves in a world that none of them recognise.

And somehow it’s up to them to put things right.

New Tamarei Book

Just an update on the Tamarei series. I’ll be starting a new Tamarei book at the end of June and will hopefully have it finished some time in October or early November. I’ve already got the plot mapped out, and it will feature all of the usual characters: Shiri, Craig, Nathan, Tobin, Braegor, Aris and Caranthus.

It’s the dawn of a new age for Taiu, a golden age of peace and prosperity. Queen Shiri has begun to put right the wrongs that her people have suffered for the last thousand years and the prophecy has finally been fulfilled. Or has it?

When portals being opening all over Taiu, spewing out hell beasts of every kind, Shiri is forced to face the dreadful truth; the dark gods aren’t all dead and they are hell-bent – literally – on reclaiming Taiu for themselves. They build a demon army, each calling their own creations to arms: Scaros; Umlook; Syffed – and Tanteros to fight on their side. Demons of every kind, good and bad, are forced to obey their new masters and fight to the death against Shiri and her army. Will Braegor be able to resist the call of his new master and stay loyal to his friends, or will he turn on them and destroy everyone he has ever loved?